Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Boxes and Bags, Why do we keep them?

How many boxes and shopping bags do you have sitting around in your home right now?  If you are like many of my clients, the number is probably dozens or possibly hundreds.  I can't explain the fascination for these items, but I see it all the time.  

Clients save the boxes they get when they buy a product, the boxes items are shipped in and now the amazon boxes.  I have seen crawl spaces and attics packed with hundreds of boxes.   As we start to go through the boxes, they often say they do not even own that product anymore, so we can eliminate the box.  When I inquire about the boxes of products they still own, they often think they need the box to move or take it back, but reality is that if the warranty has expired, you will never need the box and movers use their own boxes.  If you need a few boxes for mailing, only keep 4 because remember, those boxes will keep coming.  

What about those lovely shopping bags?  Some are so decorative and some have a brand name that means something to my clients such as Coach or Neiman Marcus.  Some are large and some are very small.  Again, we seem to have some obsession about these bags that when we drag them out, there are hundreds and we don't even know it because we just keep stuffing them in that spot.  Do you really need that many?  The answer is probably not, but you tell yourself you might need one some day but not all of them.  Keep a dozen and recycle the rest.  I always tell my clients to keep one in their closet and when something they are trying on to wear does not make them feel wonderful or just doesn't look right, put it in the bag.  

The other bag I see consistently is the plastic grocery bag and usually it is overflowing the space it is currently occupying.  Most of the time my client explains they use them for the dog.  I would guess they have enough bags to last that dog over a year or two.  Think about it, how many bags do you usually come home with when you go to the store?  I am guessing most of the time, it is at least 5 or more.  You will not stop grocery shopping, so do not feel the need to keep every bag because there will always be more.  Take a large bag, fill it and then take the remainder to the grocery store to recycle.  

Clean the bag and box clutter from your home and use that space for something you truly need or just enjoy the space.  

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Friday, July 20, 2018

Clutter Impacts Your Happiness: Organize Your Space Today! By Guest Blogger Matt Adams Your Garage Guys

Your environment impacts your happiness. Consider how a messy, dirty and cluttered environment can impact your health. I have one word: negative. There are a lot of people in the world who are searching for happiness and meaning. Most of them don't realize that the answer isn't always found in some distant land. If you want to change your life, start with your own, personal environment. Start with something you can control. Something you can change. Transform your life by transforming your environment!

Great! You now have all you need. A strong desire for change! Unfortunately, desire for change is not usually followed by an action. Our intentions are often good, our actions, well, they’re lacking to say the least! We should focus less on what we want to achieve and more on actually getting something done.

Here are a few examples of some things you can do right now, today. I'm serious, go take a break, and do at least one of these tasks. It’s time for a change!

       Clean your room: I guarantee, you have clothes on the floor, an empty of glass on the bedside table, and an unmade bed.
       Clean and organize your desk: There’s a good chance you haven’t looked through your paperwork recently. Toss out anything unnecessary and take the time to organize important documents.
       Organize your fridge and pantry: Give your fridge a good clean, throw away old food, and reorganize the fridge. Spend time doing the same in the pantry. Find some old boxes that you can use to sort into categories, such as spices, cans, or cereal.
“Success is most often the result of consistent execution of a single habit”.

Transforming your life is not a onetime event. It's a process. Cleaning your room once won't change your life. Keeping it clean will. Commit yourself to a schedule and stick to it.

Your environment impacts your health. Looking for a change in your life? Why not start with your own home, your own bedroom even. Yet, a clean room for a day won't provide long lasting results. Make it a habit to live in a good, healthy, clutter free environment.

Share your experiences in the comments below! How has improving your environment changed your life?

By Matt Adams, Your Garage Guys

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Case Study Organizing a Client

I help hundreds of clients with hundreds of different situations.  Some come with just one space needing help, others need every space.  My case study is a busy professional with one special needs child and one already in college and a divorce has been going on for a couple years.  Now she would like to make the house her own as many of my recent divorced clients do.  
We start in her office where she has work and home files, books and supplies.  As we begin the process we discover items not belonging in the office, duplicate files, and the home and work items mixed.  She has tried 2 locations in her home for her office so she has items in both of those locations.  She makes the decision and chooses the one location she likes the best.  We divide home and work so there is a filing cabinet for each.  She decides to buy a bookcase unit to make storage of supplies, crafts, and school items for her daughter easier and more attractive.  
First we start on the files so only those needed are kept.  We eliminate some, combine some and decide on files to be kept but will be stored elsewhere.  Once the files have been completed, we start on the desk to make it clearer where items go and what needs to be done.  
The new book case unit allows us to store extra office supplies, craft items and items needed close at hand but are too big for the desk.  We develop a system for her bills and to do items so she can find them and get them completed.  
We continue with her kitchen area that collects mail, paper and some of her daughter's school items.  Now that we have a place for papers in her new office area, we make some decisions on the kitchen papers.  We then made our way to the area that was the old office and crafts to define it and arrange it better.  Some items we eliminate and others we box up for her former husband.  
As of now, we have completed her basement storage, lower level living area, and her daughter's room  Success is possible fro anyone when you complete 1 space at a time.  

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