Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Problems Clutter Causes

Clutter is not just objects in you space, it cause other issues and problems in your life.  The clutter that surrounds you not only invades your home, office, and other spaces, it can cause clutter in your thoughts, health problems, and relationship issues.  

When you look at all the clutter in your space, you become overwhelmed.  I hear it all the time from my clients.  They are stifled by their stuff.  The clutter surrounding you can cause so many thoughts in your mind which then affects your health.  You start eating to overcome depression.  Depression sets in because you believe you do not have the ability to make decisions about the clutter.  The depression eating causes weight gain which then causes you to go into a deeper depression.

You begin to feel as if you have failed in some way to eliminate the clutter and you become ashamed and embarrassed to have family and friends over.  Work productivity can also be affected by the clutter, even if the clutter is not in the office area.  Some clients have then made bad decisions about relationships and jobs due to the depression and feelings of inadequacy caused by their clutter. 

Eliminating the clutter in any of your spaces will improve not only the appearance of your space, but it will start to clear your mind and better decisions will be made.  The light will start to shine through as you begin your clutter reduction process.  

Making small changes and small decisions will help immensely.  Make a decision on 1 area at a time and start with short amounts of time so you do not become overwhelmed or feel you are not doing enough.  Any amount is enough.  I see a great saying at the gym all the time and think it applies especially to organizing.  "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can" by Arthur Ashe.  

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