Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Organizing and Divorce

Having been in the organizing business for over 13 years, I have had many newly divorced clients call me for help.  I have helped many of them during and after the divorce process.  

Those clients who call during the process of getting divorce need help finding and organizing all the paperwork required during the discovery process as the amount of paperwork needed is overwhelming.  Most are stuck because while trying to find all these paper, they are busy with work and taking care of their children.  It is a very difficult and emotional time. 

I work with the paper and most of the time sort by dates, types and really whatever is requested by the attorney.  I find and sort to make it easier on my client. My clients are relieved when what they need is in sight and obtainable.  

The clients that call after the divorce want to discuss how to get their living space back together.  Now that the divorce is final and the other party has left with what they want, my clients are usually left with a mess.   Boxes and bins are opened and shuffled through as the other party retrieves what they want and usually those boxes and bins are left open and unorganized.  My clients want to know what they have and what to do with it so they are able to find those items in the future.

We start by looking at each space and deciding what my client wants that space to look like now.  We tackle one space at a time.  During the process, my clients make decisions on what stays and what works for them.  This will be a new space made to fit their lifestyle now.  Sometimes children are involved so consideration must be given to what they will need and what will be transported back and forth each visit to the other parents home.
As we make each room a new space we make sure items that were left my the other are put aside and returned to them so as not to cause unneeded bickering.
One client I had wanted to start over with all new holiday decorations and make new traditions so all the holiday decorations left behind were donated.  Another client needed help finding ways to have a better space for his teens stuff.
Each divorce is different and always trying.  Organizing the new space eliminates many hard feelings and helps those involved move forward. 

If you are in the middle of a divorce, have just finished, or know someone needing some help, visit my website for more information on how Transformare can help.  Transformare Organizing Services

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