Wednesday, August 31, 2016

3 Tips For Organized Back To School Schedule

For many, August or September begins the start of the new school year.  There are last vacations to take, family reunions to attend, cookouts to go to, and fairs to visit. 
Most of us dread of school starting again because it means a much more scheduled day and more tasks to be completed each day.  There are children to wake up, lunches to be made, decisions on what to wear, breakfasts to prepare, papers to fill out and buses to catch.  The mornings can get stressful quickly.  The evenings can be hectic too with homework and sports. 
To make sure all is accomplished and everyone makes it to their place on time with everything they need, a routine must be started and maintained.  This is the first tip for an organized return to school.  Make a list of everything that will be different as school starts.  This might include wake up times, lunches to be made, buses to catch, car pools to be scheduled, bedtime schedule, and homework times. 
The second tip is to decide when each of the tasks on the list will be completed.  Can some be completed the night before?  Making lunches the night before is the easiest item to move from morning to night.  For younger children, clothes can be laid out the night before.  There should be an area for book bags, coats and shoes, so the morning is not taken up by looking for all these items. 

The third tip is to use lists.  Younger children do well with lists and begin to understand the importance of a schedule and completing tasks.  Make the list fun by adding artwork or large check boxes.  For older kids, maybe try texting it to them.  After a few weeks of the start of school, the lists can be used for chores instead of the daily routine as that will have become a habit by then.   

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

3 Tips on How to Tackle Your "To Do" List

One of the most frequently asked questions from my clients is "how do I get my "to do" list completed"?  It seems as if the to do list is a never ending list of tasks to be completed. Every day the list stares you in the face or you just plain forget about it.  Sometimes I am just sitting outside and realize there is something I need to add to the list.   Some of you have home and work to do lists which makes it  even more overwhelming.  

The first tip and the best and most effective way to complete a task on your "to do " list is to schedule it. Put it on your calendar as you would a doctor's appointment.  Start with some easy ones to adjust to doing a task.  Do not try to put all of the to do list on the calendar at one time.  This will lead to failure and you will be in the same boat as you are now.  Start with one task and one day.  Make sure you complete it and celebrate the accomplishment.  Move on to another task a few days later and continue as time allows.  

 I know some items are difficult or too big to schedule on a day such as painting your deck or your entire room.  Factors such as weather and enough time will hinder this and other tasks.  Fortunately, not all tasks on your to do list are hindered by other factors other than that most of us just cannot seem to get them done. 

The second tip is to start timing your tasks so you will better understand how long they are taking you.  Nothing is more derailing then to have an hour scheduled for something and it takes 2 hours.  You need to become more aware of your time.  A good exercise is to write down everything you do during the day and how long you do each item.  How long does it take you to get ready in the morning, get to work, grocery shop and read the paper. Doing this for a week will really open your eyes to how your time is spent. 

The last tip is to review your list weekly to really make sure that all the tasks on the to do list are still relevant and if some can be assigned to someone else.  If your to do list is a mile long, the reality is you will never get it completed and this will frustrate you to just not do any of it.  

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