Tuesday, July 12, 2016

4 Tips for Busy Moms to Be Stress Free

The summer can be the busiest time for moms because the kids are home from school.   Those moms with infants, toddlers, and elementary age children have some of the busiest schedules.  24 hours with the kids can cause stress and leave you feeling drained.  Here are 4 tips to keep your summer less stressful.
The first tip is to schedule ahead.  Do not wait for Monday to roll around to make your plans for the day or even the week.  Activities and events, free or not, fill up fast during the summer.  On Wednesday look ahead at the weather and plan on trips for zoos, pools, and parks for the following week.  Put it on your calendar and remember you might have to be flexible with the days due to pop weather conditions.  The same planning ahead goes for doctor and dentist appointments.  Those can fill up fast too especially for sport check ups.
The next tip is to gather information from the local paper, google, and neighbors on current activities and events going on.  The libraries are a great resource too, especially on those rainy days.  They should have a calendar of their activities on their website or on site.  Spend less time planning the coming week with all this information already in a file to refer to each week.

Tip 3 is to stock up on craft supplies and movies for the time you need to spend inside or at home. Having the supplies on hand will allow you to do what you need to do while they are creative.  Many craft stores have supplies for an individual project kids can work on by themselves.   Also have your to go bag ready for all the day trips.  One for the pool and outdoor events and one for more indoor events.  This will save you time and you won't forget something because you will not be running around trying to remember it all.
The final tip is to arrange for a baby sitter once a week or more for you to do the things you need t get done without the kids.  If you cannot afford a babysitter frequently, ask a neighbor for a swap day or half day.  Many neighborhoods have Facebook pages and groups, making it easy for such a request.  If you are lucky enough to live in the same area as family, asking them on a monthly basis might be an option.