Wednesday, April 13, 2016

5 Tips to Help Manage Your Tim

Time management is not just for those in business, it’s something that helps everyone including moms, kids and businesses.  If you are one of those feeling that you just can't get it all done, these tips will help you manage your time.  The first tip is to write down everything you do for the day.  Include everything such as your morning routine, making meals, driving kids around, working, grocery shopping, even choosing clothes.  Write down each activity, the time you started and he time you ended.  After a few days you might start to see a pattern and some events you spend too much time completing or others you need to spend more time on.  For instance, if it is taking you 20 minutes in the morning to choose what to wear each morning, then possible going to choosing in the evening will save you time each morning.  Pay close attention to times that you are wasting much of your time or it is taking longer than it should to complete a task.  If you are a morning person, then the evening should not be the time you are trying to make a multitude of decisions.  Leave that for afternoon or morning.  The same goes for those of you who are not morning people. Make those decisions in the evening.  Continue to look at your schedule and the events you’re spending time on during the day.
Once you have a good idea of your days and weeks then the second tip is to sit down and decide what you can let go of and what can be tweaked.  If you are spending 2 hours a day reading the paper, can you reduce that to just the main parts and then watch the local or national news?  Don't save the papers and think you will read them all later, that trick never works.  Your goal is to add some time to your schedule so you are able to fit more pertinent events into your schedule.  You might decide that you need help in some areas such as cleaning or grocery shopping.  Maybe you need to arrange more carpooling for kid’s practices or parties.  Do not feel bad if you have to miss one or two games during the season. It happens and kids adjust much easier than we think.  Do not be afraid to ask for help. Maybe you cannot afford a cleaning service every week or every other, but maybe once a month.  Tip number 3 is to delegate some of the chores to others.  Don't try to me super mom or dad as that will just wear you down and you will get less done. If you are currently going to the grocery store every day, maybe spending a little time planning the week of meals out will help you cut your time at the grocery store down.  Spending a little time and planning ahead will award you with more time.
Tip number 4 is to learn to say no. For many of my clients that is a very difficult task to learn.  Do not feel the urge to say yes to every task and challenge someone asks you to take on or help with. Sometimes you just have to say your schedule currently does not allow you to add the time and maybe the next project you can help on.

The last tip is to plan your week on Sunday or the day that make the most sense to your week.  Make sure you can be flexible as there is always something that comes up during the week that will change your plans.  Review your next day every evening so you can make any adjustments that need to be made. 
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