Monday, March 21, 2016

3 Tips To Make Mornings Easy

Mornings for some of us can be hard because they are so busy.  Trying to fit a workout in

 along with getting ready for work, feeding everyone, getting kids off to school or daycare

 and making sure everyone has what they need for the day.  Usually you only have a 

couple hours to get it all done.  I have 3 tips to make it easy.

Tip one is to make this a routine.  According to developgoodhabits.comIf you follow a “morning routine” every day, you’ll create a short ritual (under 30 minutes) where you can complete a number of small habits that can improve your life.
If you workout in the morning, wake up 30-40 minutes early and get your workout in.  Your life and health will thank you.  You have exercise DVD's, exercise shows, and more option then every now to get this accomplished.  It does not require you to join a gym. 
Tip 2 is to take care of some tasks the night before.  Make lunches, put all items together for kids, look at your schedule for the next day and get what you need near the door, and decide what you are going to wear.  So many moms waste precious minutes in the morning trying to make a decision on what to wear.  
Tip 3 Have an area near the door where every one's bag, keys, purse and coats are so there is not a mad rush to look for all the needed items seconds before you and they need to be out the door.  
Following these tips will make your mornings easy and in return you will not be frazzled all day.  
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