Tuesday, February 2, 2016

3 Tips On How Businesses Can Increase Productivity Through Organizing

Now is the time for businesses to increase their productivity through organizing.  The size of the business does not matter, small, medium and large businesses need to be smart about productivity during these economic times.  Many just cannot afford to hire more individuals but need to continue or increase their productivity with the same number of employees.  How?

Examine all the procedures within the office and how they are accomplished. Concentrate on whether steps can be eliminated or combined.  If steps can be eliminated or combined.  Could something that is on paper be put into a computer form to minimize time for changes and corrections?  Does everything need to be in duplicates?  Will scanning some items cut down on cost or repetitiveness?  For example, if you have a form that has 3 or 4 copies, if you scanned it, would that save you money having it made and eliminate having to file it?  Consider all the paperwork in the office and those items touched multiple times by multiple individuals.  Figure out how many steps it takes for that piece of paper to get to its final destination.  Reducing those steps will allow someone to be more productive. 
 Maybe it is space you need; rearranging the office for easier flow will also help increase productivity.  If employees feel cramped or uncomfortable their productivity suffers.  Sometimes it is the desk area that needs to be organized.  If one or two employees need some assistance with their area, hire someone to help them.  Sometimes it is just an issue with how to keep things organized and what to keep that makes a desk a mess.   Spending a few hundred dollars will save you much more in the end with a higher level of productivity from the employee.  If the desk area problem seems to be with everyone in the office, try cubicles or attach a hutch on the desk for storage so the employee has more room on the desk to work.  If the desks have limited drawer space, purchase a file drawer which sometimes can be placed under the desk or on the side without disturbing the room around it.

If your office supply storage room is overwhelming, take a few employees away from their desk for a couple hours to arrange it better.  Think of the time and money you will save if your employees are not spending all their time looking for supplies or reordering because the items cannot be located.   Do not purchase more than you can store.  Most office supply companies can deliver items within 24 hours. Think of the money that your company is losing because your employees are less productive than they could be by just organizing the processes in the office or organizing their work space.
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