Tuesday, January 19, 2016

5 Tips to Help Find What You Need

If the lights were out at your house and it was dark outside, would you be able to find the flashlight?  When your space is organized you can and will find anything and everything you need even in the dark.  As Benjamin Franklin said, "A Place for Everything, Everything in it's Place"
I was working with a client who was trying to organize his space and he said he could always find the flashlight as his moms house because it has been in the same place for 36 years. 
Tip 1 is to have a home for everything that makes sense for you.  For instance, I keep my hair products and in the bathroom but I have some clients who keep their small girls hair products in the kitchen area.  That is what works for them. 
Tip 2 is to label the area or container so everyone knows what goes there and can put it back after they use it.  I can organize anything, but if I do not label the area, how will everyone else know where it goes?
Tip 3 is make sure the time is taken to put those items away.  So many times, someone takes an item out, uses it but does not take the time to put it back.  I tell my clients to have everyone take 10 minutes each night to put away anything they used so they can find it next time. 
Tip 4 is put like things together.  I usually find the same items in multiple places because my client could not find it, so they bought a new one. 
Tip 5 is to purge as often as possible.  The more you purge, the more room you will have to put the items you really want. 

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