Wednesday, September 2, 2015

5 Easy Tips for the Seasonal Closet Switch

At least twice a year, everyone takes a look at their closet and changes out their seasonal clothing.  If you are like most, you dread the job because you have to look at all your clothes and decide whether they are going to fit still, if the color is good, and if they can make it through another season.

Maybe you have a separate closet for your out- of -season clothes, or you use bins to store some of your clothes.  When it is time to put away your spring and summer clothes and get ready to start wearing those fall and winter colors and fabrics follow this easy steps.  Most of us look at Labor Day as the ending of summer and based on where you live, this might be your time to start the switch.  
Step 1.  As you are putting away those clothes, look at each piece and decide if the color, size and style still works for you and your wardrobe.  Ask yourself the following questions:  Does it make you look your best?

Step 2.  If you did not even wear it this season, what changes would happen that would make you wear it next year? If you are looking at weight loss as a motivator, that is great, but only keep the really great pieces. You will want to buy new items as you lose the weight.
Step 3. You will probably not be wearing turtlenecks right away, but you will not need the sleeveless shirts for much longer.  Start with the long or 3/4 length sleeve items. 
Step 4.  Your hanging clothes can be done all at once since much of that is more based on color and fabric.  As the summer winds down, put away sleeveless, then shorts and capris.  Remember to repair anything before you store it for the season. 

Step 5.  Do not store your clothing in dry cleaning bags as they have chemicals on them and can harm your clothes after a long period of time especially white fabrics. There are totes by Ziploc with holes near the top to allow the clothes to breathe and keep the bugs and dust out. They come in 2 different sizes and can fit in small areas. Look at storing anything with wool in a breathable storage bag or tote. Anyone can get moths and they will ruin your wool.  If you are lucky to have extra closets, make it simple and switch out the closet and maybe a guest bedroom dresser. 

Statistics show that you really only wear 20% of what you have on regular basis.  80% of your wardrobe is worn rarely if ever. Another good rule to live by is, when you buy something new, get rid of an old one in your closet to make room. 

For your kids, try items on by type such as shirts, pants and shorts.  Make a list of items you will need for this season and remember to donate or sell the items they have outgrown. 

Doing this in steps will make it easier and more manageable as the season changes. 

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