Wednesday, July 1, 2015

6 Steps in Giving the Organized Garage to Dad

Summer is just around the corner and with 28% of consumers wanting their garage space to be better organized; it makes sense to give dad an organized garage.  In the U.S., 82% of homes have a 2 car garage or larger and only 15% use them to park their cars.  In the U.K. 52% of households have access to a garage and only 24% use them for parking cars.  Many garages end up as the dumping ground for miscellaneous items. 
You can give that organized garage dad wants in 6 steps. 
Step 1 is to divide up the garage into section first so the project will be easier to complete.  You can divide it by the front and back of the garage or for multi car garages, divide by each parking space. 
Step 2 is to remove all the items from the first section you will be working in and put them in the driveway. 
Step 3 is to eliminate all the items that belong elsewhere in the house, are no longer used or wanted, and anything that is broken.  If it has been in there that long, the likelihood of fixing it is gone.  Move on.  If you have multiples of certain items, choose the best and donate, trash or sell the others.  Many of my clients have multiples because they cannot find the original so they buy another and that costs you money.  With an organized garage, you will save money.
Step 4 is to use the vertical space in the garage by installing shelving, cupboards and hooks on the walls.  There are many different products available to accomplish this at various cost points.  Do not buy the storage until you have purged.  Things that are used rarely or are seasonal should go on the higher shelves. 
Step 5 is to use the ceiling for bikes and long boards.  The newest designs in hanging bikes allow for an easy pulley system that even children can operate safely. 
Step 6 is to return all the items to the garage and continue with the remainder of the sections.  Once all sections have been purged, then deciding what shelves, cupboards and hooks are needed will be easier.  Be sure to label areas so others know where to return items
Remember to purge periodically to maintain your space and to allow for newer and more frequently used items to have a place. 



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