Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Keep "Get Organized" as a New Year's Resolution

So many make the resolution to get organized and quickly forget, run out of time, cannot figure how to do it, become overwhelmed immediately, or just plain give up.  Don't let this be you.  You can get organized in 2015.
The first rule is to tackle this project in small manageable pieces.  If you look at entire 5000 piece puzzle and try to do it in one sitting, don't you soon realize that is not going to work.  Most of us start with the edges, and then move onto the inside by color of words.  We do not try to accomplish the puzzle in one sitting.  You come back to it and have fresh eyes.  Organizing operates the same way.  Start with a small section of the room, even just a drawer.  Schedule a specific amount of time to work on it.  Do not try to organize an entire room or house in one day.  That is too overwhelming and unrealistic.
The second rule is to make your time really work for you by writing down the different areas of the room down on your calendar.  That eliminates wasting time trying to decide what area to work on and lets you start right away.
The third rule is to eliminate all interruptions.  That means no looking at emails, answering calls that can easily be returned, and having all those small errands and chores done before you start. 

The next rule is to designate enough time to get enough accomplished that you feel good about your time and see results.  Do not schedule so much time that you are getting upset because it is cutting into family, work or other important events. 
The fifth rule is to realize that the clutter did not appear overnight, so it will not disappear overnight.  Give yourself time to get organized.  Do not expect results to happen instantaneously. 
Organizing is about changing habits, establishing a system to fit your current life and to revisit your systems and areas as your life and situations change.  Give yourself time, patience and some slack when tackling an organizing project.