Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What Does It Really Mean to Be Organized?

Many times when I start working with a client they ask me if my house is really organized.  I also say that if they mean my house looks like Martha Stewart’s, then no.  If they mean can I find everything, then the answer is yes.  To be organized really means to find what you need, when you need it in just a few minutes.  So many people have the misguided notion that being organized means your home constantly looks as if it will be featured in a magazine or it is for sale all the time.  Realistically, that is no way to live.  I believe that we were meant to live in our houses but being organized and living is possible.  To be organized really means that you have a place for the items you need and use on a regular basis and you have eliminated the items you no longer need or use.  Being organized also means you eliminate or purge items that no longer bring you happiness on a regular basis.  Why live with 3 lawnmowers when only one works? 

Being organized also really means you have made the decision not to keep those items that you feel obligated to keep or that were given as a gift so many years ago that you no longer use.

Being organized also means that when you open a cupboard, a closet, or a drawer, items do not fall out or on you and it does not get stuck when opening it up.  Being organized also means that paper has not taken over your life.  You are not buried in piles of papers and find newspapers and magazines from 5 years ago.   It means that as the mail comes in, the junk stays out.

Being organized does not mean that everything with sentimental value is tossed out.  We all should keep a reasonable amount of memories, but when you keep everything and some you cannot even be sure the story is right, than it is time to evaluate what you are keeping.  Give yourself and your family members a plastic bin and that is all the room they have for their memories.  When given a specific space, it is easier to really choose the important items.