Friday, May 9, 2014

Does Your Clutter Define You?

What a question!  As I enter neighborhoods and people have their garage doors open I see all sorts of different garages.    In some I see building materials and tools leading me to believe the owner might be a builder.  I see garages jammed with all sorts of items like bikes, garbage cans, and gardening tools telling me that they have a large family and not enough room.  And then I see garages with very little in them telling me that maybe they just bought the house or are minimalists. I will never know the truth about their garage unless they are a client or I ask them.  I am probably not going to go around asking anyone about their garage, but I have formed a guess. 

 The inside of houses I visit yields the same result with every house being different.  I have clients with paper in piles all over their homes and they struggle to get through it all.  I have clients with so many clothes they cannot get it in their closets and drawers.  I have clients with toys everywhere and no room for furniture.  I have clients with crafts in 2 or 3 rooms and they cannot find anything and usually have multiples of many items and there are the clients with just one room they have difficulty finding a place for everything.  Many have multiple unfinished projects in all areas of their home. 

So, does the clutter define them?  The common denominator in all these is that clutter is a delayed decision.  They cannot decide where to put it, what to do next, or what to purge, so the clutter evolves.  I believe their clutter defines them as someone who is having difficulty making some decisions.  As a member of the Institute of Chronic Disorganization, I have learned that some struggle more than others and the some individuals have been chronically disorganized their entire lives.

The answer to the question is sometimes your clutter does define you.  It might be situational and your clutter goes away when your life returns to normal and in some cases your clutter and lack of making decisions does define your work and home environment.