Thursday, January 23, 2014

Schedule These Tasks Now

January is here and with it comes cold air, tax season and the flu.   It is time to schedule some tasks on your calendar so you are prepared.  First, make sure all the gloves and mittens in the house have a match and put them where everyone can retrieve them.  If you have some for outside play and some for driving or dress, separate them so they are easier to find. 
Second, go through the magazines and catalogs and recycle all the holiday catalogs.  Keep only those magazines you really read and start non-renewing the ones you do not have time for or have an interest in.  When it comes to how many issues to keep, set a date, such as 2 months or 3 weeks depending on how often the magazine comes out and stick with that number.  Recycle the oldest and feel good about it. 
Another task to complete is to go through your medicine cabinet and make sure all the medicines you might use during the flu season are  current and not expired.  If most or all are expired, make a list and replace them. 
For taxes, make sure you have an expandable folder that you can put all those papers in you receive in the mail during January pertaining to taxes.  Find all the receipts for donations you have made throughout the year and place those in the folder too.  When it is time to complete your taxes, all your papers will be in one place for you or whomever completes your taxes.