Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Cleaning and Organizing Made Easy

Spring cleaning can be any easy task for anyone to do if you just have a few basic rules. First, do not try to spring clean your entire home in one day or even one weekend. Spread the process out over a month or two depending on how much you want to accomplish. Second, write out a plan as far as the goals you would like to accomplish. An example would be to clean out all closets or just yours and the guest closet. List each task separately so that planning the time is easier. Are there tasks that can be accomplished in 30 minutes or less such as wiping out the fridge or washing out the garbage can.   Those are tasks you could accomplish one evening after dinner or one weekend morning. Divide the tasks into time frames such as 30 minutes or less, 1-4 hours, or half a day. This too will make it easier to plan your time. Next, decide what days you will accomplish the bigger projects by putting them into your calendar. If you don't schedule the project, it will never get done. Keep your list handy so when you find you have a little extra time, you can get one or two smaller tasks accomplished. Make sure to award yourself after you have completed a few smaller spring cleaning tasks, or a larger one by buying yourself something you need or having coffee or lunch with a friend. To keep yourself motivated and not discouraged, start the spring cleaning with a few of the smaller tasks and then move into the larger projects. Remember, a few projects might become interrupted, so plan your schedule to be flexible. An outdoor event might be cancelled due to weather, so can you move your project up a weekend? Spring cleaning is a time for renewal and de-cluttering areas you feel need to be revamped. Make it fun and the goals attainable.