Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Going Back To School The Organized Way

It's that time of year again when the kids go back to school.  Vacations are coming to an end and information is starting to come from the school
Back To School
about dates, supplies, and paper work needed.  How do you handle it all and keep control?  First, start by gettting the school supply list and making a plan as to where you are going to purchase all the items.  Schedule the school supply day in your calendar and write down the stores to visit in a logical order.  Have a plan and a budget to make your shopping a breeze. 

For the clothes, start now by trying on any clothes you are unsure of whether they will fit or not.  Most kids wear shorts for the first 30-45 days of the year, so do not feel compelled to go out and buy long sleeve shirts or jeans before school starts.  Just know the size they were and make a list of items needed.  This allows you to wait for sales on the jeans and fall shirts.  When you see a sale you have the list and the size. 
The only way to control the paper work that comes in the first few weeks of school is to fill it out the day it comes in.  After dinner, go through your childs backpack and fill out all the forms that evening and return it to the backpack.  Do not collect it all and then try to fill it all out in one night.  You will be overwhelmed and the school usually sends it by importance. 
Make lunches the night before and get the kids involved.  Let them pick fruits, vegetables and dessert.  They are more likely to eat it if they got to pick it out.  Make sure they have everything they need the night before so you are not scrambling in the morning. 
Having plans, schedules and keeping them will help you have an organized start to the school year. 

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